Intermediate obedience class

Intermediate obedience classes will strengthen the bond between you and your dog for a lifetime of companionship. It will better prepare your dog to respond appropriately in a variety of situations. In this class, we will build upon the already existing commands that your dog has learned in their basic obedience class. Topics covered include:

·         Learning to stay focused around a variety of distractions

·         Learning to follow commands from a distance

·         Learning to obey when off lead

·         Learning to obey commands in different environments (There will be classes in which we meet in different environments in the community to practice these skills. These meeting spots will be determined in class)

·         Developing quicker and more reliable responses to commands

·         Sharpening your obedience skills and enhancing your relationship with your dog while having fun!

·          We will also address problem behaviors and work on individual things that you would like to improve


Registration begins now for 7:00 PM intermediate obedience classes beginning Wednesday, June 3, 2009.

Cost of the class is $150.00 for the 6 week session.

All ages and breeds are welcome but must be up to date on vaccinations

Dogs must have completed a basic obedience class before enrolling in the intermediate class.

Classes will be held at Woofy’s Grooming at 17 West Main Street, Dudley, MA, 01571.






For more information please contact Shannon Cavanagh at

or call 508-579-2955


  For a printable PDF version of the registration form click here